Only 10.9Kg and the power to climb up to 25 degree slope (NZ road).
Come & Test Ride. You will be AMAZED!

A New Era

E-Twow has created the perfect transporter. A great ECO, Space and User Friendly Transporter. Compared to public transport, the scooter has a minimal carbon footprint. Just think: no more unburnt fuel smells in the garage. Compared to a traditional eBike, the E-Twow is lighter, smaller and smarter.

E-TWOW power 500w

Power not speed

E-Twow is well adapted to the local hilly and winding roads in urban New Zealand. Its 500 watt power unit can handle a 15 to 20 degree uphill climb (for riders below 100kg).

Slick and slim

Trendy and user friendly design: No scooter stand needed. Bending down to fold (or unfold) the scooter is not required. All done in a split second and the rider is ready to roll.

E-TWOW power 500w

Safe Controls

At the tip of your left thumb is the throttle, enabling you to slow down and halt. The control on your right will let you accelerate. This feature allows you to concentrate on the cycle way and pedestrians.

Comfortable and hassle free

Full suspension on the front and rear wheels avoid strong jerking on the handlebar. There is no unwanted electric cable dangling on the handlebar. This avoids accidentally pulling the cable. The cable appears only at the lower part of the scooter below your knee level.

LCD Display

6 LED lights: ready to light up the way ahead to see where the rider is going and for other street users to see the rider. Electric horn to warn other street users. The front display is back-lighted, displaying the battery status, current speed and distance travelled.

Kick Start / Cruise Control

Set it to kick start for beginner to assure safety of the rider. Cruise control setting allow the rider to enjoy the ride on a long relatively straight path that has little or no other street users around.

International Accreditation

The Etwow manufacturer has strict compliance with the international regulations stipulated by FC, CE and RoHC. RoHC website:


This is an ultimate best mate to any one of all age. Perfect taught out gift for your buddy. All the positive element is pack into a small foldable scooter that does not use petrol, small and portable.


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